mod. CTL-PR 25


The continuous linear cooker with Pre-cooker Mod. CTL 40-P is suitable for cooking process of raw artichokes before peeling. Complete of feed elevator.
The dimensions are in according to the production capacity required.
The machine is suitable for initial cooking at 48° – 50° to avoid termic shock for some varieties of artichokes as Imperial Star.

Main features
Dati tecnici
Main features
  • Submerged water
  • Cooking tunnel with 2 levels
  • Moving by chain inox aisi 316
  • Indirect steam by coil with condensation discharge
  • Tank with heat-insulation to avoid loss of heat
  • Low consumption of steam
  • Stainless steel Aisi 316 manufacturing
  • Electric switch-board with PLC and Touch-screen
Dati tecnici
  • Installed power: 3,35 Kw.
  • Working voltage: 380 V – 50-60 Hz – 3 Phases + N
  • Steam consumption: 1000 Kg./h. start – 500 Kg./h. at running
  • Air consumption: 10 nl./min. – 1 bar
  • Water consumption: 25000 lt./day
  • Weight: 12000 Kg.
  • Dimensions: 12000 x 2000 x h.4300 mm.
  • Production capacity: 4000 Kg./h. CTL 40-P – 2500 Kg./h. CTL 25-P

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