Fresh artichokes line include:

  • Cutting machine with equipment for water and citric acid to deliver on knives and blades;
  • Feed elevator;
  • Motorized belt for inspection and preparing small basin and upper belt to convey it to the packaging machine;
  • Waste belt;
  • Gouse-neck elevator to collect waste out of plant or in a big box.
Technical Features
Technical Features
  • Installed power: 5,75 Kw. – 380 V – 50 Hz
  • Air consumption: 70 nl./min. – 6 bar
  • Water consumption: 10 lt./h.
  • Dimensions standard line: 9000 x 5000 x h.2460 mm.
  • Employed operators: 10
  • Artichokes size: Ø 35 – 100 mm.
  • Production capacity: 3000 artichokes/h. (around 750 small basin/h.)

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