Mod. SPT 1-P – SPT 2-P


The cutting machine Mod. SPT 1-P is suitable to get slices or halves from long or round tomatoes.
Manually feeding by operator.

Main features
Technical features
Main features
  • Blades are moved by right angles connected by gears that make the machine careful and strong
  • Excellent cut
  • Small size and easily moving
  • The machine is available for n.2 operators (Mod. SPT 2-P)
Technical features
  • Installed power: 0,37 Kw. (SPT 1-P) – 0,74 kw. (SPT 2-P)
  • Weight: 110 Kg. (SPT 1-P) – 180 Kg. (SPT 2-P)
  • Dimensions: 800 x 800 x h.950 mm. (SPT 1-P) – 1400 x 800 x h.950 mm. (SPT 2-P)
  • Employed operators: 1 (SPT 1-P) – 2 (SPT 2-P)
  • Product size: Ø 30 – 70 mm.
  • Production capacity: 120 Kg./h. (SPT1-P) – 240 Kg./h. (SPT 2-P)

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