Ferrara is a dynamic present
believing in technological innovation and seeing opportunities in changes.

Tailor made

Customized projects of spaces,
and operational and
productive needs.


A centennial history
and know-how gained
in 24 years’ experience.


High quality standard,
attention to details, continuous
updates and improvements.


Technological innovation
for the improvement of production
processes and the start-up
of new projects.


Precise, organized and
operational 24/7 in
all export countries.


Direct line, interpretation
of needs and constant
interaction with customers.



High quality standards
and excellent performance.

Ferrara is the future of Industry 4.0, leaning
toward automation and the quality of production processes.

Research and Development90%
Human Resources and CSR85%
Industrial Design85%


Ferrara has a century-old history made of intuition, reliability,
the passion for mechanics, the pride in one's work and the desire to assert itself.


In the 20s of the last century, Luigi Ferrara, founder of the company, showing an intelligent proclivity for everything mechanical and about movement, with his passion to develop ideas and to build, gave birth to the Ferrara Foundry and Mechanical Workshop, where on one hand cast iron products were made, and on the other hand machines and equipment demanded at that time, such as hammer mills, woodworking machines, and centrifugal pumps were designed and built.


The Ferrara mechanical workshop becomes an industry for the construction of machines for the canning sector, specializing in the production of can crimping machines for closing tinplate metal containers.


In the following years the company continued to grow and make itself known on the Italian and international market, also participating in the International Preserved Food and Packing Fair in Parma, from its first editions.

From the 60s on, Luigi, son of Gaetano, began to get to the heart of the family business by acquiring the notions and putting the teachings received into practice to the point of taking over the management of the company in 1971 and onwards, thereby contributing to its further success.


It is in that year that during one of his numerous trips to various canneries, Luigi had the intuition of designing and manufacturing an artichoke processing machine: thus, the first Ferrara lathe machine was created and patented by him.


In those years, Luigi Ferrara devoted himself to the mass production of both machines for the tomato canning sector and lathe turning machines for artichokes for the national market


The brothers Gaetano and Gianluca are Ferrara’s fourth generation, and together they resumed the industrial production, promptly addressing the construction of machines and equipment for processing artichokes. Gaetano and Gianluca revisited and resumed the drawings and notes of the initial patent, turning those intuitions and ideas into current and innovative projects, and indeed, in 1999, the Pneumatic Turning Machine for artichokes was born.


From that moment on, the company specialized in the design and construction of machines for processing artichokes, and soon it became a point of reference in the sector.

Over the years, the company began to appear on international markets such as Spain, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Turkey, Israel, Greece etc., quickly acquiring market leadership.

Furthermore, they created the Peeler for long-stemmed artichokes in 2009, the only machine in the world capable of carrying out this type of processing, and the Turning Slicer for artichokes, capable of carrying out two processes in a single machine, back in 2013.

Following up on its technological innovation and the development of new projects, in 2019 the company made a Decoring Machine for cherry peppers, a one-of-a-kind machine in the world, presented at the Cibus Tec 2019 edition, as well.

Ferrara is a company with a century-old history and a dynamic present, at the same time, which strongly believes in technological innovation and the continuous search for new opportunities.

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