Fall in love with artichokes

Artichokes (cynara scolimus) are a perennial plant widely cultivated in the Mediterranean basin, in particular in central-southern Italy. It is one of the most popular foods since ancient times and research has confirmed its important properties concerning the treatment of digestive disorders and recommend its use as an adjuvant of the hepatoprotective and urinary functions, as a strong antioxidant, anti-cholesterol, anti-diabetes, antimicrobial with curative properties of metabolic disorders, as well.

Its action against cancer has also been officially and scientifically acknowledged thanks to its folic acid content and its therapeutic potential. A research published on “Nutrition and Cancer” attests that the artichoke polyphenols obstruct the oxidative action of free radicals and, consequently, of the tumor transformation itself.

The benefits of artichokes also include bones, because, thanks to their vitamin K1, they are capable of effectively preventing decalcification and osteoporosis.

In short, artichokes are a real panacea for all sicknesses!

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