Artichokes: hearts or wedges?

Why choose us? The  Ferrara artichoke turning and cutting machine represents a solution for all companies in the canning sector processing this vegetable.The machine combines two functions in a single machinery ensuring the speed, the practicality and the accuracy of the manufacturing process.

Our machine will allow you to obtain already cleaned artichoke hearts or wedges  that do not require manual control. It consists of a square structure and rotating disk with intermittent movement. The operator manually picks up the product from the feeding hopper and places it in the locking vices, which have a compressed-air pneumatic closure to adapt better to different artichoke varieties. The machine is equipped with a special fully adjustable knife holder for optimal turning of the artichoke, a motorized circular knife for complete separation of the heart from the outer petals and an automatic artichoke cutter for 2-to-6 segmented wedges (only for the TSRP 16M model).

La tornitrice/spicchiatrice è dotata di tramoggia di alimentazione prodotto, pressatore automatico per il corretto posizionamento dei carciofi, pompa di ingrassaggio automatica e temporizzata, nastro trasportatore uscita prodotto finito, quadro elettrico di comando con inverter.

By experimenting and applying technological science, small and large revolutions are implemented in the field of plant transformation which allow greater speed in the processing procedures, savings in terms of time and energy and a consequent increase in productivity.

Ask for more information on our  TRP 16M and TSRP 16M models.

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