Ferrara’s cherry peppers

The consistency of cherry peppers, their round shape and size make them ideal for fillings. The “emptying” process- which was previously carried out manually due to the small size of the vegetable – was a long and expensive procedure. Nowadays, fortunately, technology has been taking huge steps forward and innovating the food industry with the creation of better performing machines, capable of emptying and cleaning smaller vegetables such as the Ferrara cherry pepper chisel corer,  suitable for coring and extracting the previously calibrated internal seeds of cherry chillies of various diameters. This machine is equipped with a feeding elevator and a bidirectional conveyor belt. Operators manually position chillies into the various housings; afterwards the product automatically undergoes various stages of coring, suction and seed-blowing in order to obtain a clean product, ready for filling.

24 core drills eliminate the pedicels with quick release systems to facilitate the caliber change; a suction and blowing system cleans the peppers from the seeds while the processing residues are collected in a box (with an extra scrap extraction belt). The machine is equipped with a processing plate extraction trolley to facilitate any maintenance, and an electrical control panel with PLC and a Touch Screen.

Accurate. Clean. Perfect

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