Ferrara Linear Cooker Mod. CLV 20

Our Continuous Linear Cooker model CLV 20 is a machine suitable for scalding the artichokes that have already been processed into their various types such as hearts, wedges, bottoms and stems. It is a very versatile machine, complete with product feeding elevator, with product immersion and indirect steam system guaranteeing homogeneous cooking, excellent yield and quality of the finished product. The insulated structure avoids heat loss and allows significant energy savings thanks to the low consumption of steam. It can have a production capacity ranging from 1 to 4 tons per hour – as for artichokes wedges – and it is equipped with an electrical panel with PLC and a Touch-Screen panel.

The Ferrara Cooker model. CLV 20 is ideal for a light cooking of beans, peas, peppers, okra and vegetables in general, and it is also a machine in great demand both in Italy and abroad, especially for its versatility and compactness allowing it to occupy lower surfaces than similar models on the market.

Photos, characteristics and technical data are described in the product sheet. For information on how to customize your machine and make your own cooker, write to  commerciale@ferraramacchine.it

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