Ferrara history

Our history is wonderfully studded with experiences, plaques, commemorative photos, and medals. Each of them has a place on a wall, a shelf, a desk, and it is incredible how, by opening a drawer and rearranging our bookcase, one can find old sketches and projects, dated notes, written in that linear, precise and twentieth-century style calligraphy carrying our grandfather’s signature. It is such a wonderful thing to be able to find and preserve them and observe how, even after many years, the paper has turned yellow, but its edges corroded by time and the emotion they exude have remained intact.

And among the memorabilia and poetic notes, we also find those memories of a more recent past that had to do with the entrepreneurship, the first technology and the innovation of the Ferrara of the nineties. The machine we are most fond of was born in 1996: the Pneumatic Lathe Machine for Artichokes, which acted as a springboard for our specialization in machines for processing artichokes, still our favorite sector, the one where we are truly “invincible”. It was a two-headed and four-handed project, the result of a reinterpretation and total modernization of a previous project oozing the passion of the generation that had preceded the Ferrara brothers, Gaetano and Gianluca. In those years, the pneumatic lathe for artichokes represented a real revolution, an innovation worthy of articles and special reports on major Italian and foreign sector magazines. And here they are, for posterity!

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